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Retail Media: Walmart to Share Performance Data with Advertisers

Walmart takes one step further in expanding its retail media offering: the world’s largest retailer connects its advertising platform, Walmart Connect, with its latest performance reporting system, previously accessible only to suppliers.

Walmart is granting advertisers access to its retail analytics platform, Walmart Luminate, which was originally designed for Walmart suppliers. It offers sales data and insights into customer purchasing behavior, which suppliers utilize for product development and retail strategies. Now, customers of Walmart Connect, the retailer’s retail media network, are also to benefit from this data.

Performance Data to Complement Audience Targeting

The data from Luminate supplements Connect’s existing audience-based targeting and measurement solutions, which Walmart developed using first-party data from its stores. For these solutions, however, the first-party-data is used indirectly to boost impressions among a specific target group, in other words “the audience.” With sales data from Walmart Luminate, advertisers can now target campaigns not just audience-based but also based on transactions.

Retail Media Sales Becoming Increasingly Important

This marks the first time Walmart has integrated these two platforms, highlighting the value of the retailer’s first-party data and the increasing importance of the retail media network in its sales strategy. The release of this valuable data underscores Walmart’s belief in the potential for growth within its in-store network.

Walmart Luminate Insights Activation will soon to be available as a self-service integration within Walmart Luminate. The company plans to roll it out to its Walmart Luminate Charter subscribers by the end of the year. This will enable advertisers to leverage data from this year’s Christmas sales in their planning for 2025. According to the official announcement, vendors, agencies, and partners will all be able to run display campaigns using audiences sourced from Walmart Luminate through this integration.