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IT: India’s Expat Software Developers Return Home

India’s economy is the rising star in Asia, growing faster than most other countries in APAC. Especially IT is becoming a major cornerstone of the subcontinent’s success story. For the past decades, tech talents went abroad, but this is changing. IT professionals are moving back to India. Great potential also for digital signage.

Bangalore has become the Silicon Valley of India, but Mumbai and close-by Pune have also become IT hotspots of the subcontinent. Most big tech and smaller IT service providers operate software development centers in India. Digital signage market players are no exception to the rule: the world’s largest pure play digital signage company Stratacache (Scala) develops software in Bangalore. Many other digital signage ISV’s are outsourcing software developments to India.   

Besides the plain vanilla, but still very sophisticated software development, India also boasts with the third-largest start-up ecosystem globally. Very innovative and cool start-ups develop IT solutions for tomorrow – big potential for partnerships in the digital signage industry. The vibrant start-up scene and Big Tech software development are providing significant career opportunities for Indian experts – domestic and abroad. Heise Online reports  about how India’s Software Brain Drain Turns the Tide to Talent Shortage.

India is becoming one of the hottest markets for innovation – also for digital signage and retail tech. Invidis will be back in India for our digital signage conference track as part of Infocomm India end of September.