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Decathlon: Unforgettable Shopping Experiences

Decathlon is not considered the pinnacle of in-store shopping experience – the branches of the French sports discounter have so far exuded the charm of a Siberian grocery store. This is now set to fundamentally change as part of a global rebrand. Decathlon focuses on unforgettable in-store shopping experiences, in parts enabled by digital signage.

With 15 billion euros in sales and 1,750 stores (as of February 2022), Decathlon is one of the world’s largest independent sporting goods retailers. Online and offline, the French retailer primarily offers private label products in a sober discount atmosphere. Shopping at Decathlon has so far been a rational decision and the opposite of experience. That should change now.

Last week, Decathlon presented it’s rebranding with a new CI, new logo, new digital and store concept. In the future shopping and browsing at Decathlon should not only save money but also become fun.

Stores worldwide will be adapted to the new brand identity in the coming years, from signage to store design to digital signage. Customers should now expect a new and immersive experience.

According to Decathlon, the new store layout will follow a well-thought-out customer flow plan that offers customers intuitive navigation, an improved product overview, attractive product presentations and a pleasant atmosphere. “Shoppers should find products more efficiently and compare them more easily for a more pleasant shopping experience,” according to Decathlon. The hurdles are low – because less experience than at the moment is hardly possible.


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In addition, the stores will offer new features such as highlight zones, showrooms and test areas that integrate physical and screen-based digital touchpoints. Decathlon launches Circular Hubs dedicated to care and repair, second-hand products and rental services. Customers will be able to pick up their orders in lockers that offer flexible and contactless access, are available 24/7, and offer reduced wait times and increased privacy.

So far, naked shop-window screens and shopfloor screens are positioned at highlight zones with lackluster-cabeling hanging from the ceiling. In contrast, today’s ceiling-mounted wayguiding and promotion screen concept is already neatly integrated. It remains to be seen how much of an experience the new discount concept embodies.

Decathlon rebranding - new roles for digital signage (Photo: Decathlon)
Decathlon rebranding – new roles for digital signage (Photo: Decathlon)