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ISE 2024: DooH Outdoor Totems Future-Proof

Barcelona | The Taiwanese outdoor signage manufacturer Dynascan presented the latest generation of outdoor totems at ISE, which can be equipped with backlit city light posters as well as digital screens (LCD, LED, ePaper). The advantage: Totems can be upgraded with other screen technologies over the course of their lifecycle.

Metal workers love out-of-home totems – the requirements on the construction are high. Outdoor totems must be weather-proof, vandal-proof and withstand high wind loads. Depending on the location, stable concrete foundations are also necessary – a lot of resource-consuming materials. So it makes sense to design totems so stable and future-proof that they can be used for many years and can also be technologically upgraded.

As part of its green signage strategy, Dynascan has developed a new double-sided totem series that supports LCD, LED, and ePaper in addition to backlit paper. This means that out-of-home media owners can subsequently integrate a technology upgrade without replacing the entire housing.

Now also with ePaper

The ePaper integration option is particularly interesting. At ISE, Dynascan and eInk presented the first 42″ ePaper displays, which are available in both monochrome and full color. This allows both for transit information and for static DooH campaigns to be displayed.

Deutsche Telekom surprised people last week with an announcement that it would build an ePaper-based DooH network in Germany. The tests are scheduled to start in the coming months.