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Year in Preview: Geoffrey Bessin | Intuiface

Geoffrey Bessin from Intuiface outlines the changes facing the digital signage industry this year and the role that AI will play in this in the invidis annual commentary.

As we enter 2024, the digital signage industry is ripe for significant changes in how companies create and deploy content for their audiences.

Personalization Through AI

Signage deployments will increasingly use AI to create personalized content on the fly and deliver it to audiences in real-time. The result is a significant shift towards data-driven content that targets specific audience segments. For example, we will see automatically generated playlists based on audience behavior data.

Improved Accessibility of AI

AI will also become more accessible to non-technical knowledge workers for the creation of digital signage content. This shallow learning curve will encourage end users to take DIY approaches to media production vs. outsourcing and lead to more diverse and creative uses of digital signage.

Increasing Cost-Effective Power of Digital Signage Hardware Players

Hardware advancements like the Raspberry Pi 5 and BrightSign XC5 will enable rich and complex digital signage deployments at increasingly lower costs and energy consumption. This will make digital signage more accessible to small and medium-sized businesses staying away due to cost sensitivity and a preference for in-house vs. outsourced execution. It also makes larger deployments achievable for smaller budgets.

Sensor Adoption

Diminished sensor cost, paired with increasing quality, diversity of options, and ease of use, will result in greater interest in and adoption of audience and environmentally-aware digital signage. Sensors can detect audience demographics and engagement levels, allowing for more targeted and personalized content. The results are more engaging for the target users and more measurable in support of analytics activities.

Commoditization of the Playlist Approach to Digital Signage

We anticipate a shift to commoditization of the playlist approach to digital signage, with solutions like Samsung VXT and other large display vendor platforms making digital signage so affordable and convenient that more expensive alternatives will have to compete on price. The result will be more competition in the Digital Signage CMS market, more M&A consolidation, and a greater emphasis on offering unique value propositions to create and deploy innovative content based on the best economics.

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