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ISE 2024: Real-Time AI Chat with Intuiface

At ISE, Intuiface is presenting real-time digital signage integrations with the OpenAI models GPT-4, DALL-E 3 and Whisper as well as an Intuiface Coding Assistant GPT for the first time. AI tools are becoming increasingly important for interaction, content development and software development. Intuiface simplifies voice interaction and code development with AI.

Intuiface has been known for years for being one of the first digital signage providers to integrate new technologies. The French showed the first AI use cases at the last ISE, just a few weeks after the launch of Chat GPT. A year later, Generative AI has become an integral part of everyday life and is integrated into Intuiface in various ways.

Intuiface has integrated the OpenAI models GPT-4, DALL-E 3 and Whisper into the CMS platform. This means that predefined and user-generated prompts can be submitted to the latest and most popular Large Language models and the responses are displayed in real time.

  • Via GPT-4, Intuiface processes prompts of any length and displays the answers in real time on the digital signage screen. At ISE, Intuiface will present a way-guiding use case that processes user questions entered via an integrated microphone (activated by Whisper)
  • Chat GPT Vision allows users to select an image – such as a snapshot taken with an integrated camera – and then ask questions about the image or have DALL-E modify that image.
  • In DALL-E, custom prompts—predefined by experienced designers or specified by users in real time—lead to the generation and subsequent optional display of the requested images. Examples of this include creating context-sensitive background images or avatars.

Hidden GPT-4 checks input for inappropriate content

All custom prompts can be created in advance or modified in real time to accommodate the environmental variations and limitations common to digital signage. Intuiface’s OpenAI Whisper voice transcription support enables capturing user speech via a built-in microphone. In all cases, user-generated prompts can be pre-checked by a “hidden” GPT-4 prompt to ensure that no inappropriate content has been requested.

Coding with AI

The AI-based Intuiface Coding Assistant allows non-developers to create software solutions for Intuiface. Interface Assets (IAs) connect Intuiface experiences with third-party APIs and SDKs. Although Intuiface API Explorer can automatically generate IAs for most web APIs, some complex web APIs require custom coding. Additionally, Intuiface can work with JavaScript-based APIs and third-party SDKs, which also require IAs to be custom coded. With Intuiface Coding Assistant, all code is created automatically.