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Ameria at ISE 2024: “Enormous Value for Retailers”

The touchfree specialist Ameria will present its solutions in Barcelona. With these he was able to score points in both the Middle East and Europe last year.

At ISE, the touchfree provider Ameria will once again be represented with a large booth and the back-to-the-future car Delorean. But a lot has changed behind the scenes: expansion into the Middle East, establishment of a partner ecosystem, winning new scalable projects in the luxury segment and solutions for data acquisition at the POS.

From Heidelberg to the desert

Since last year, Ameria is now also represented in the Middle East through partners. Participation in the world’s largest IT trade show at the E& stand and trips to Saudi Arabia brought the Heidelberg-based company a lot of attention. With Blue Rhine and Connectiv, two of the region’s most established digital signage integrators have been won as partners.

“We have developed an AV experience solution that revolutionizes the way we interact with screens,” said CEO Albrecht Metter in an interview with invidis. “For this we need partners who understand hardware, software and content – UX and UI. With Blue Rhine and Connectiv, we have gained very competent integrators who think holistically and also understand how to collect usage and consumer data.”

Digital signage and especially interactive touchpoint concepts like those developed by Ameria are ideal for retail companies to collect first-party data: “Privacy-compliant lead capture, for example via gamification, offers enormous value for retailers and leads more quickly to a positive ROI. This means we can also reach other budgets,” explains Albrecht Metter.

Luxury brands discover touch-free

Demand is not only increasing in the Gulf region; Ameria has also been able to win European luxury brands as customers in recent months. “Even though it is taking longer for implementation in Europe, we are also gaining more well-known customers here. Scalable projects, not just one-off innovation projects,” says the CEO. According to Ameria, luxury brands in particular are already embracing digital transformation. “Whether retail design, shopfitting, technology or content – digital concepts are now being planned more and more holistically.”

Ameria will demonstrate its solutions in Barcelona at the booth 4H300.