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100.000 Screens: Stratacache Reaches Drive-Thru Milestone

Stratacache exceeded the milestone of 100.000 deployed drive-thru displays this week. A large percentage of the deployed high-brightness solutions are based on the integrators own designed  outdoor display enclosure fitted with media player, sensors, the AMP software – Stratacache’s dedicated QSR platform – and Stratacache Saint (AI engine).

The QSR business is in the DNA of Stratacache (Scala), providing digital signage solutions to seven of the top 10 largest global quick service restaurant brands in North America across multiple technologies. The solutions include digital menu boards and signs, self-order kiosks, order pickup systems, artificial intelligence for menu personalization, back of house employee communication solutions and more.

“Stratacache is capitalizing on the real-world challenges of labor shortages and inflation in the QSR sector and the use of technology to drive solutions to address those problems,” said Chris Riegel, CEO of Stratacache. “Our ability to improve the sales yield of any QSR by 3% or more — while providing mass personalization of menus, improved customer experiences and lowered labor costs for QSR operators — puts us in the position to help our customers serve the consumer better, faster and with greater profitability to their businesses.”

“With our known order book for 2024 and 2025, we expect to be crossing the 250,000 screen level by Q1 of 2025. The opportunities continue to materialize for our business based on the success of our customers,” said Riegel.