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Year in Review 2023: Tizian Hosch | Hygh

Strengthening programmatic, creating synergies with audio: How innovations drive the DooH industry forward even in challenging times, explains Tizian Hosch, Head of Programmatic at Hygh exclusively for invidis.

The digital-out-of-home industry in Germany has experienced significant technological advances and changing market dynamics in 2023. Despite initial concerns due to economic uncertainties caused by global challenges such as the ongoing impact of the pandemic and geopolitical tensions, the DooH industry has proven to be extremely resilient and agile.

We at Hygh have also developed steadily in recent years. We plan to install approximately 10,000 new high brightness shop-window screens and expand our network within the next 18 to 24 months. Hygh’s biggest challenges lie in acquiring customers, particularly among smaller retailers, as well as dealing with external difficulties such as rising energy costs. With our recently completed financing round, we want to be present in the ten largest cities in Germany by the end of 2024.

Continued strong demand for programmatic

We expect supply and demand to increase in the coming months, particularly in the programmatic space. By 2025, programmatic out-of-home advertising will account for the majority of advertising-spent in the DooH space. Our goal is to play a larger role here too. Since March 2023, we started working with Hivestack as a SSP, a global leader in AdTech. Through our SSP partnership, Hygh’s approximately 2,000 displays can be booked automatically via all relevant DSPs.

Through the Hivestack connection, Hygh also offers its customers further targeting options on the SSP side, such as selecting displays according to different temperature and weather conditions, geo-locations and the integration of specific target group movement patterns via mobile data.

We also offer our customers the option of programmatic managed service campaigns. This means you can book Programmatic DooH from a single source without any special prior knowledge. Hygh offers innovative targeting methods as well as cross-media campaign combinations and subsequent success measurements. From the customer’s perspective, the booking is made like a classic IO booking; the processing of the campaigns is carried out in the backend by our programmatic unit at Hygh.


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Innovations at Hygh

We are always working to improve our programmatic offering. I would like to highlight two new developments: our integration of digital out-of-home with audio via Spotify and our study to improve effectiveness measurement.

At Hygh, we have worked with Spotify to develop an exciting advertising strategy that combines DooH screen advertising with programmatic audio advertising. Our method uses our DooH screens to deliver targeted audio advertising on Spotify. The environment of our advertising screens is passed on to Spotify as a targeting basis; The appropriate audio advertising is then played, complementing  visual messages.

This combination of viewing and hearing via different media channels leads to a successful multi-channel campaign, which has been proven to lead to higher recall of the advertisement and better perception of the brand. Our data shows that this multi-format combination increases advertising recall and brand awareness compared to pure video campaigns.

Another highlight is our new “brand-lift” study, which complements our classic KPIs with extended, relevant uplifts and insights. Previously we were only able to offer this to our programmatic customers, but we have now expanded it to include classic IO campaigns. Here the advertiser determines the location, duration and price of his advertising campaign.

In our success measurement, advertising contacts are recognized via their smartphone and asked to fill out a questionnaire in a high-quality in-app environments. Our method allows us to collect reliable data about the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns. We measure metrics such as brand awareness, competitive comparisons, perception of the advertising medium, recall of the ad, intent, and the changes in awareness and purchase intent caused by the campaign.

Rosy prospects for 2024?

The digital world of outdoor advertising is constantly growing, and the primary driver is programmatic. Since mid-2022, the trend of cross-media promotions like our integration with Spotify has been increasing. Initiatives to link different programmatic channels in a bundled campaign are becoming increasingly relevant. In these campaigns, we combine digital out-of-home with social, display & video, CTV and other advertising genres, using uniform targeting or retargeting approaches. Out-of-home is becoming increasingly popular as an advertising channel, cementing its position as a targeting foundation for campaigns that can then be expanded online, mobile and audio.

The combination of the ability to offer local content and at the same time being a mass medium with programmatic dynamics and flexibility makes OoH particularly attractive. Compared to the general trend in the advertising market, DooH is experiencing extremely positive development and is considered particularly successful in the competition for consumer attention. By using data and optimized targeting, DooH becomes an unbeatable one-to-many advertising medium.