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CES 2024: LG robots for home and store

AI robots take on tasks and provide support with everyday activities. Based on multimodal AI technology, intelligent speech and image recognition, and natural language processing, the AI understands the user’s context and intentions and can actively communicate with him. Robots monitor, guard, greet and entertain – an interesting alternative for public spaces too.

LG is presenting its latest innovation at CES 2024: an robot equipped with AI and multimodal technologies which can not only move, learn and understand, but also take part in complex conversations. With the all-round home manager, LG wants to take another step closer to realizing its “Zero Labor Home” vision, which is aimed at making everyday life easier at all levels and supporting various recurring tasks.

Of course, the robot moves independently through the house, interacts verbally with users and can interact with the environment using the intelligent voice and image recognition assistant.

The robot acts as a “moving” smart home hub that seamlessly connects to and controls smart home and IoT devices in the home. Through LG’s recent collaboration with Qualcomm, the AI assistant is equipped with the Qualcomm Robotics RB5 platform, which helps it achieve AI fun.

Also interesting for the professional environment

Even though LG developed the smart robots for the home, the intelligent helpers could also be very useful at the point of sale, in a museum or in a corporate environment. The robot can take on the role of security officer, patrolling the store and identifying unusual activities such as screens running at night, failed LED modules or digital signage touchpoints covered with goods or posters. Robots could complement remote device management tools on site – ideally in places with many digital touchpoints and a lot of visitor traffic.

In security areas, the robot recognizes employees based on voice and facial expression analysis and checks access authorizations.