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Digital Signage: DSS Europe 2023 in Quotes

Munich | From retail media to engaging experiences, from modern software to Green Signage: the experts on the stages of the Digital Signage Summit Europe convinced with apt statements. DSS Europe 2023 was again a place for intensive networking and learning. The panels and presentations covered a wide range of topics in the digital signage cosmos; participants took away much to digest and reflect on.

We won’t be able to discuss every panel in retrospect. But to give an idea of what was presented, discussed and debated, we have selected a number of quotes, arranged by topic. These reflect the depth of the presentations and conversations, the openness of the participants, and the diversity of the topics.

Engaging Experiences

“We as an industry put a lot of energy into integration, but forget about our clients’ marketing and creative teams. Yet they make the difference between the success or failure of the project.”

Daan Berends, First Impression – on the importance of long-term planned content

“There is a big movement away from just selling to more engagement. Creating something that is unique in the physical space.”

Florian Rotberg, invidis consulting – sees a more mature approach to digital signage.

“Digital signage has to bring something new, an added value to companies. Not just videos that play on loop.”

Christophe Billaud, Telelogos – on the factors DS software will have to fulfil in the future, especially in the corporate sector.

“Nowadays, our main task is to bridge the gap between online and the physical store.”

Johan Lind, Vertiseit – to what extent the challenges for integrators have completely changed

“There needs to be a balance between the things you want to present and the stories you want to tell.”

Hubert van Doorne, Nexmosphere – on the ideal placement of screens and sensors in the retail space

“If you keep your frontline staff in the loop, you can really make a difference as a network operator.”

Florian Eggenschwiler, Xovis – about the potential of digital signage on the employee side, in this case on the airport staff side


“Our jobs are safe even in spite of AI. Because first the customer has to know what he wants. He has no way of expressing that himself.”

Jason Cremins, Signagelive – on Chat-GPT’s ability to generate code

“Fragmentation is good for our business, but not for the industry as a whole.”

Stan Richter, SignageOS – sees cross-compatibilities of hardware and software as important for the future, even without the use of middleware

“Working with Generative AI is like working with an intern. You have to exercise control.”

Vincent Encontre, Intuiface – on his company’s approach to generative AI

Green Signage

“Wattage per square metre is a new KPI.”

Jonathan Wharrad, Mood Media – on new demands from companies to save energy in their stores

“Sometimes we need legal regulations. We don’t need to see them as a threat.”

Christof Böhm, Sharp/NEC – on government regulations for display manufacturers, for example on energy consumption


“The playlist is dead.”

Pontus Meijer, Visual Art – the CEO clearly sees the future of content playout elsewhere

“I think the question “LED or LCD” is a bit wrong. They will somehow merge and create a new technology.”

Tobias Lang, Lang AG – when asked about the display technology of the future

“When people have learned it, gesture control will replace touch in many scenarios.”

Johannes Tröger, Ameria – is confident that gesture control will prevail


“Any vertical market that is going through a transformation is a good market for digital signage.”

Alberto Cáceres, Trison – when asked why automotive is a growth market for his company

“If you try to keep up with big service providers like Accenture, you will be eaten for breakfast. Rather try to support them as partners in their digital signage projects.”

Stefan Schieker, invidis consulting – addresses a wake-up call to the industry

“If you don’t have local staff on the ground, it’s very difficult to get a foothold there.”

Hugues Moisson, Navori – on how to expand into North America as a European company

“Everyone wants content and signage systems in one package.”

Andy Bohli, Imaculix – explaining why his company is winning a lot of contracts in Saudi Arabia right now

Retail Media

“We still believe that instore is part of the retail media hype. It’s not.”

Iman Nahvi, Advertima – dampens too high expectations for retail media

“You have to move a lot of dirt to get a small amount of gold.”

Chris Riegel, Stratacache – on the challenge of running retail media profitably