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Kering Eyewear: Best in storytelling at the POS

Kuala Lumpur | The best digital signage retail concepts are fully integrated installations in which digital signage screens do not look they have been forgotten during the planning process. Best practice and one of invidis’ favorite retail signage concept is Kering Eyewear. The luxury-house holds eyewear licenses for Gucci, Cartier, Balenciaga, Saint Laurent and many other.

Pavilion Shopping Center is considered Kuala Lumpur’s leading luxury shopping center. Located in the busy city center of the Malaysian capital. Every luxury brand of world fame is present here with their own boutiques. Of course, the eyewear subsidiary of the French luxury group Kering is also present with its latest retail concept.

Almost all luxury brands updated their stores in recent months to put the pandemic behind them. Kering Eyewear is no exception and they present their luxury eyewear products in a fully digitized retail system, which was first realized at Zurich airport.

The integration of the screens is very impressive, as they act as a digital backlight of the retail shelf. The LCD-displays in the back are complemented by a digital canvas above the merchandise. We are impressed by how flexibly the integrated screens are used: at one moment all screens are coordinated for total domination, at another moment each screen promotes a single brand.

Kering Eyewear in Kuala Lumpur (Photo: invidis)
Kering Eyewear in Kuala Lumpur (Photo: invidis)

Additional side-mirrors add depth and create a sort of stage for the eyewear products. The Kering digital signage concept is extremely flexible, simple and effective from close by as well as from far away.


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