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Seoul Sky: Surrounded by OLED

Seoul | Visiting viewing platforms is now an integral part of almost every city break. Whether the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, 101 in Taipei or Seoul Sky. And everywhere the trip to the viewing terrace begins in a windowless digital waiting area before the ride in a digital elevator. At Seoul Sky, the 555m elevator ride up is surrounded by OLED screens.

The journey is the destination – that is also the case for the elevator ride up to the 123rd floor of Seoul Sky, the tallest building in South Korea and the fifth tallest in the world. The high-rise building is part of the Lotte World shopping center close to the Olympic stadium.

Each of the four elevators is fitted with 15 OLED displays. During the 90 seconds journey, visitors can enjoy a virtual view of the city and its attractions via digital signage displays. While visitors are entertained they forget the high speed and elevation and air pressure change.


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Similar digital concepts are also used in the waiting area in front of the elevators. Large LEDs on the walls and ceiling are intended to shorten the perceived waiting time. Best time for digital storytelling.