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Lobby LED: Massive entrance stage

Seoul | Lobby LEDs are the new favorite for architects and developers – hardly any inner city office tower lobby in Asia and North America can do without LEDs. Some installations are so impressie that they are used as backdrops in Netflix productions. An invidis site inspection of Centerfield Plaza in Seoul.

Centerfield Plaza is a newly built office complex in the Gangnam business district in Seoul. In addition to a luxury hotel and spacious green areas, the building complex also includes office towers. The light-flooded street-facing entrance lobby is dominated by an at least 25 meter long LED wall with artistic content. The dynamically animated motion graphics content changes in quick succession.

The sheer size and the effect inside the public space prove once again how large-scale LED can not only beautify but also transform a space into an experience. We’re not the only one who likes the installation. Location scouts for the Netflix series “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” were also thrilled with the location and used the lobby LED as a film set.