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Metro: DooH meets Digital Signage

Seoul | Samsung Electronics is installing over 4,200 digital signage displays for passenger information, way-guiding and DooH in 90 subway stations in Seoul.

Samsung replaced all existing – mostly static – departure schedules and overview maps in 90 subway stations in the Korean capital with 4,218 Samsung digital signage displays. The professional display world market leader won the tender to digitize the Seoul Transportation Corporation’s subway stations.

Samsung replaced all static departure timetables and station overview maps on the platforms and exits of Seoul Subway Lines 1 to 4 with 49-inch and 65-inch touchscreens. The new digital signage touchpoints enable metro users to query departure times and surrounding streets and traffic information in real time. Touchscreens and real time information are a must-have and standard on mobile phones with apps like Google Maps. The expectations of Asian consumers in particular have changed significantly – printed information such as on departure maps is often no longer sufficient.

More than 4,200 digital signage displays in Seoul metro (Photo: Samsung)
More than 4,200 digital signage displays in Seoul metro (Photo: Samsung)

In addition to the interactive departure and overview plans, the way-guiding displays in the stations have also been digitized. What is most noticeable, however, are the 85” screens used for DooH advertising.

All Samsung Smart Signage displays used are IP5X dust and splash-proof and have an anti-reflective matte display with more than 500 nits brightness